Are you seeking a unique and exciting experience? Whether you’re a lover of art or not, the Art Boat holds many fun surprises that are waiting for you to discover.

The Art Boat is much more than one of the best cruises that NYC has to offer. It is a floating art gallery and museum. It is evident to an observer when they catch a glance at the boat for the first time. The yacht’s exterior features brightly colored graffiti art that gives the onlooker a touch of what lies in store on the inside.

The interior of the Art Boat is even more spectacular. Street Art covers every inch of the interior walls. The Art pieces got curated by John Carr, a famous Street Art expert. The boat features work from more than 30 different well-known artists in New York City. The art and the furniture give the space an upbeat vibe that is thrilling to the senses.

If you don’t appreciate the art, you’re bound to love the spectacular views of New York City’s skyline. The yacht offers panoramic views from the below deck, as well as the outdoor observation deck. Enjoy a delicious meal or sip on your favorite beverage as you watch the iconic landmarks of the Big Apple float by.

Whether you’re planning a board meeting, a company party, time to chill out with your friends, or the party of the year, you can’t go wrong with the Art Boat. The boat offers a space that is inspiring, fun, and exciting for people of all ages and preferences. From the works of art that adorn the walls to the spectacular panoramic views of New York City, from the delectable treats and freely flowing beverages to the live entertainment, there’s something to please the senses at every turn on the Art Boat.

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The Art Boat NYC cruise offers a great atmosphere and even better drinks.


This large yacht is a floating street art gallery and museum that features famous Street Art.


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If you don’t enjoy the art, you will love the spectacular views of New York City’s skyline.